Hundred-year-old tale has just come alive – and you can play your part! Try out The Invisible Man!

About the slot
Not many slot developers can brag about as many hit games as NetEnt. The famous company continues to impress players all over the world, and every new title they release is instantly swarmed by both amateurs and high rollers. We have just tried out The Invisible Man, one of their newest slot machines, and oh boy – this one is a keeper. The Invisible Man is an old book by H. G. Wells, the same man who wrote The Time Machine. This book has already been immortalised by the film bearing the same name, and now NetEnt has managed to secure the rights for a slot game. After just five minutes of play, we fell in love with this slot. Its user-friendliness, its excitement and storyline just grabbed a hold of us. Magnificent graphics, 3-D details, plenty of animations and gripping background music is all it takes to make our heart pound away. Now, let’s go into an in-depth review of this amazing slot machine.

Wide stakes, high prizes
The Invisible Man is made by NetEnt, hence, it was no surprise that the betting options are as wide as they come. Choose coin value, choose level, and there you go. Anything from 1 to 200 euro goes. Some of the symbols are made up of card-values (10-A), but most of them are taken right out of the book. The Invisible Man packs 20 paylines – 10 on each side. Yes, this slot machine pays both ways. As always, the game packs a high RTP – meaning that you can play it for hours without seeing any substantial losses. We actually came out with a big win on our test account, thanks to the special functions which just seemed to never end!

Free spins, re-spins and bonus game
The symbols to hope for in The Invisible Man, is either the policeman, or the main character himself. These are wilds, but not just any wilds. They move to either side of the screen, creating re-spins as they go. So, if you find a police officer on the leftmost reel, the wild-symbol will jump five positions towards the right, creating 5 re-spins and additional winnings on its way. The Invisible Man moves to the other side of the screen. Now, if these two show up at the same time, on the same row, they will meet half-way and collide. This starts the free spins in the game, with animated characters on each side of the screen. Also here you are able to get re-spins by hitting wilds, and if you gather enough of these symbols, another bonus function is activated. The Invisible Man takes you on a journey through different houses with extra cash and multipliers, whereas the police officer activated Police Spins with huge payouts. We won 1600 euro this way, the spins just kept on coming!

No summary is needed for a game of this calibre. Just find a suitable online casino, claim a welcome package, and get to it! The Invisible Man is a must for all slot-lovers out there!